Natasha and Maxim

Natasha and Maxim
Natasha 16 yrs and Maxim 12 yrs

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Made It!

Yes, we made it here finally. We had a very tiring flight but we got lots of good rest and today we were ready to go. The Lord has been with us every step of the way. Everthing has gone so smoothly, God has truly blessed this trip so far. From being worried about getting to our flight on time in Paris, we ended up gettting there 30 min. early. There wasn't all the questions we had expected at the airport in Kiev. We were also told to expect our luggage to be lost and it wasn't, praise the Lord! We definitly know our Heavenly Father is taking perfect care of us. We also had the big SDA appointment today which was so quick and easy. We did find out that Maxim and Natasha's mom died of being an alcoholic, like so many people here. It just seems like this is everyone's life. I was shocked today as I was asked if I wanted alcohol in my chocolate fondu. We didn't find out anything else that we didn't already know about them today. Natasha, one of our facilitators said we would learn more when we meet the orphanage director. She has been very good to us and helped us in everything. We also met two other families adopting. We have been waiting to meet the Laudenslayers which are adopting Maxim's friend Sasha. We had dinner with them tonight. It was nice getting to finally meet them after talking on the phone and through the internet for months. Today  we also got to walk around  and sight see in Kiev. As you see in the pictures above we have seen some very neat things. I will put the rest on Facebook if anyone wants to see more. Tomorrow afternoon we will pick up our referral and get on another plane to their region, which is some long word that starts with Zap. We will just call it that. Just keep praying for us and Maxim and Natasha. We will get to see them soon. We can't wait! We will let you know more soon. Love you all!   

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  1. Enjoy the wonderful journey God is taking you on. We are all so excited for you all! Give a BIG hug to Mr. Alex from the Dewberrys!