Natasha and Maxim

Natasha and Maxim
Natasha 16 yrs and Maxim 12 yrs

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Trip

We have been having a great time at camp, getting to spend time with Natasha and Maxim and all of the other children. The Laudenslayers have also been a great blessing. It has been very nice getting to share this experience with someone else.We have now met many families who have hosted children in this camp. We are getting the awsome opportunity to reunite some of them. It was so wonderful to see the joy on all of their faces. Vanya is 16 and this was his last chance to be adopted. This family worked so hard to get this all done right in time to give him a forever family. I have put  the photo on my blog of him getting to talk with his new soon to be family in America. It was great to see the excitement they had in getting such a great surprise. It was so great for them and the others who have met their forever family, but it was hard not to think about those watching the excitement who did not have that opportunity to receive something so awesome. I pray that someday they have their eyes opened to know that they have a Father in heaven who will give them far more than anyone else hear on earth could ever do.

We have also met a very sweet college girl that is helping at this camp named Lily. Her picture is also here with Natasha. You could tell that Natasha really looked up to her and what a wonderful girl to look up to. We were very surprised to find out that she went to a Ukrainian Baptist Church here in Urkraine. We never thought we would meet someone with our beliefs here. She saw my "My Favorite Book Says We Are All Adopted" shirt and said"You are a believer?" We said, "Yes, very much so." I had also been wondering about this ring that Natasha was wearing, and I got to ask her. It said, Lord please save me and protect me. I was so glad that to hear that. We had no idea what it said. Natasha is such an awesome child. She has been so sweet to everyone, helping to take care things. God has truly blessed us with the children he has chosen for our family.

Also, we have been really blessed to meet many of the Ukrainian people. The place we are staying is very neat. They have truly tried real hard to make good out of bad. There are pretty flowers everywhere and every kind of fruit tree. The guy in charge of our apartment has been so gracious to us. This is a picture of the meal he cooked for us, and a picture of his child and two more of his friends and all of us. He cooked such an awesome meal. He grilled chicken, tomatoes, eggplant, onions,and bell peppers. It was one of our best meals. It was amazing how he and others see how truly blessed we are in the US. They acted like we were the greatest people in the world. It has really showed me how blessed we truly are. It was a truly unique experience, making conversation, or trying with people who don't speak your language. We had a great time anyway. I am thankful the Lord is broadening my horizons as they say.

Well, we only have 3 more full days here in Berdansk with the kids. Then we go back on Tues. for court, and then on to Kiev for one night, and then home. I miss my other 2 children so bad, I can't wait to squeeze them so tight, But I know that God has a plan to grow us all through this experience.Goodbye till next time.

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