Natasha and Maxim

Natasha and Maxim
Natasha 16 yrs and Maxim 12 yrs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Bump In the Road

Many of you may have heard we have gotten some news that could set us back 3-4 months on bringing Natasha and Maxim home. The place that handles adoptions in the Ukraine is moving locations and changing names and will be closing down starting around the 1st of June. The lady helping us with the adoption is trying her best to get us there before this happens but says it will be a miracle. We know our God is in that business. We know that He will do it if that is what is best for us and them. But we also know that He may have another plan. Please pray about this situation. If we don't get to go till later in the year we know that it would be best for them to come back for summer hosting with New Horizons. We know the longer they are away from us the worse it will be on them, learning to trust  all over again. The hard part is that it will cost $5ooo. to host them again. As we know that nothing is too hard for God, we realize that this still is something only God could do. As big as this journey is, God has met every need in the exact amount, right on time. First we had to pay for our homestudy to be done which was $1500. Then we had to send our application package to the USCIS to get approval for our adoption which was $890. Right in time, of course, we had it to send. Just last week we had to have another $1500. I know many of you are curious about where all the funds go for adoption. Here is is a list that I received for our budget.
  • USCIS approval process
  • First half of contract fee-$1000.(already pd.)
  • Translation fee- $500.(already pd.)
  • Prepare Ukrainian dossier and apostille dossier-$90.
  • FedEx dossier to Ukraine- $100.
  • Final steps in traveling
  • 2nd half of adoption to adoption agency- facilitation fee-$1000.
  • flights- 2 trips-$1400-$2400
  • Money to take to Ukraine
  • $8500. balance for Ukraine Facilitation Fee
  • $4000. 2nd child in-country fee
  • $1000. orphanage donation
  • $1000. orphanage donation for 2nd child
  • $1050. Food ($25. daily x 42 days-a few extra just in case)
  • $1000. Internal Ukraine travel
  • $1500. Lodging (Kiev Apt. $60 x 5 nights= $300) + (regional apt. $40 x 30 nights=$1200)
  • $300 clothing/personal items for children/souvenirs
  • $400 at Kiev American Embassy
  • $400 at Kiev American Embassy (for 2nd child)
  • $2000. + extra cash to have in case some unexpected delay happens
  • $1800. Plane tickets to come home including one child
  • $700 Plane ticket for 2nd child
Please pray that the Lord would continue to meet each need as it comes our way. Also that He would bless our Spring Fundraising Festival on Sat. April 30th. The Lord has called each one of His children to take care of orphans. It is one specific way for us to follow Christ and love His children that no one else loves. The Lord has totally blessed us beyond what we can even imagine. Thanks to everyone for your amazing outpouring of love. God has used many of you more than you could ever know. From God's overflowing love, we love you!

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