Natasha and Maxim

Natasha and Maxim
Natasha 16 yrs and Maxim 12 yrs

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

True Faith

Here is the newest picture of our puzzle of Maxim and Natasha. We have now had 170 pieces. Please help give them life by donating $5 and have your name on the back of the puzzle to show them you care. You can click the donate button at the bottom of the page.

We had an awesome weekend at Roopville Road Baptist Church. We had our Global Missions Conference. We had many missionaries from this area and from all around the world telling about the mission that God has led them on. It was great to see all the Lord is doing in every part of the world. Through our adoption process the Lord has pierced our heart for orphans in a great way. We know the Lord is calling us to help these children in some way. Please help us pray as we seek God's will for this. 

Now for my story about true faith. As we have been going through the adoption process I have claimed many times that we are moving forward by faith and trusting God to meet each need (and He so graciously has). We have never been in the financial situation to do what we are doing. This whole adventure has been God's from the very beginning. We knew God placed Maxim and Natasha into our home because by the time we realized this was what God wanted us to do they were about the only sibling group left. Brady and Sarah Grace wanted a boy and a girl and we thought that would be great. We watched as the Lord provided every dime we needed to bring them here and not only that but provided for them while they were here. As the Lord confirmed in our hearts to adopt them we knew that this whole journey would have to be a matter of faith. We knew that we not only didn't have the money to adopt them but we would living on faith each day after all this is over also. As time is drawing near to go to Ukraine the Lord has shown me that the faith I had has really not been faith at all. I realized this as my family was having our prayer time the other night. I shared with them since our time was running out that I knew that if all else failed we could get an adoption loan that was interest free and payment free until we received our adoption tax credit check next year ( which sounded so great and perfect). We have known this of course but hadn't ever talked about doing it until then. Thinking the whole time that I had been living solely on faith, in the back of my mind that we could always do this if the rest didn't work out. Then it was like I had been shot in the heart. Brad proceded to remind me that we had decided long ago when we got out of debt that we knew that it was not God's will for us to ever be in that situation again. I guess that all this time I had blocked this out of my mind because I had to have a backup plan in case God didn't come through for me. You can't imagine how that hit me when I realized all along that I didn't really trust God if I had a backup plan of my own.That just truly tore me up. The next day it was all I could think about. How I claimed to truly trust God and even made myself believe it. But I know that this is not true faith and trust. It is our humanness to always have a backup plan in case God doesn't come through for us but it is not how God has called us to trust Him. He has called us to trust Him in everything. We don't need a backup plan when we truly trust Him. I realized then that God is calling me to a faith I've never had or experienced. So now if I truly trust him I have to move forward in real faith. God has shown me what real faith is. We have no other option now but to really put our faith to work. We have come so far already having $9,000. But it is so hard to look at $21,000 more and think it is even possible. We have to have a HUGE faith for this. As I have said before, we have a HUGE God, but all this takes on a whole new meaning of huge.I know that many people in this world don't understand this and even many Christain people don't understand. We all have it in our nature to think we have to fix it all. Sometimes we just can't and thats when you are pointed to the One who can, Jesus Christ.

Please join us in faith as we believe for the HUGE. He would not have brought us this far for nothing. Next week our dossier will be turned in and we will be awaiting our travel dates. When we get this date we have to be there or it is all over. You can't just reschedule till you get the money. This is it. This is where we trust God for the HUGE. We know the Lord has called us here. We can't even imagine how He will pull this off, but I can't wait to see just what He is going to do. I pray that the world would see Him. I pray that the world would see how awesome it is to truly give your whole life to Him. I can't wait to see what He is going to do in your life too!

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