Natasha and Maxim

Natasha and Maxim
Natasha 16 yrs and Maxim 12 yrs

Monday, May 23, 2011

Prayers, Prayers, We Need Prayers!

Today is the first day we have gotten through to Natasha and Maxim in about 2 weeks. I don't know what it is, but the phones have been busy alot and there has also been a bad connection. Maxim didn't come to the phone for some reason but we got to talk to Natasha. She broke my heart today. I know I have mentioned that she usually doesn't talk much, just answer our questions with yes or no. Well today she kept on asking when were we coming to get them. We just really don't have a good answer for that. We know that we are striving to get there by mid June and we told her that. But Elena told her that if we couldn't get there in June that it would be August because the orphanage director is coming to America during July to be a chaperon with New Horizons. I think since she has seen the process of her friend Vika's adoption it is making her realize that this is really going to happen. The thing is that it could very well not happen in Aug. either because the SDA has pushed there closing forward until maybe Aug. If that happens it could be even Nov. before we could get them. Natasha then asked if we could not get there before August could we host them for the summer. We had to make the decision not to host because there was the chance of bringing them home in July. It was very hard to not be able to say we will be right there. She has never really indicated that she really wanted to come other than saying yes, so when she said this I wanted to be right there. We then said our good by, we loved her and we would get there as soon as we could. It did make me really excited that she opened up so much and was so ready to come, but also sad because she wanted to come and I couldn't do anything about it. The tears wanted to really flow but I held them in. Then after that I called the adoption agency to see if our dossier was getting turned in on schedule, which was going to hopefully be today or tomorrow. Well, I found out there was some delay and it would probably be next Monday or Tuesday. This was hard to here after  I had just been listening to Natasha want to come so bad. It was just about already to the impossible point but now even worse than that. Now as soon as the dossier is given to the right hands they will have to choose to give us a date to travel immediately. This will be a miracle. This does not usually happen but the Lord has done some pretty amazing things so far and I know that if He wants them home now they will come home now. Please pray for God's miracles. We know that Maxim and Natasha  are not in any danger besides that of a broken heart. We can't wait to see God work in their lives to repair that. It is so hard for me to see how they could have to wait even longer to be united with their forever family but we do trust whatever God's perfect will is. Please also pray how you can be a part of changing these children's lives. The Lord works in lives in different ways. He blesses some people by giving them a heart to open up their homes to orphans and He blesses some people with the finances to help these children find a home. We can't always do it all but we can work together to give them everything they need. We still need $20,000. Are you the one who can help financially and give Maxim and Natasha a chance at life. We know that God wants to change more than our lives with this. If you let your heart see what God wants you to see , you will never be the same. I praise and thank God for what He is doing in my life! I will never be the same. Please pray that God's miracle will happen and the dossier will be turned in quickly and we will get a travel date before the 3rd week of June. Please pray that Maxim and Natasha would not have to wait any longer to be united with their forever family. They have been without a family long enough. We all know God's heart for orphans. We are His hands and feet here on earth. Help us show these children Him. May God be glorified through all that will happen. To God be the glory!

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  1. Tracy & Brad......Prov 3:5&6 is always a comfort to me when things are happening that I just don't quite understand. I am so proud of the decision that your family has made to give a loving Christian home to these two precious children. You know as well as I do that God's timing is forever and always perfect and He will bring your children home to you when the time is right. We sometimes get ahead of God and want to speed up the process; however, I must say that EVERY time I have jumped ahead of God the outcome has been unfavorable for me.
    The hardest thing I ever struggled understanding was why Matthew suffered such a traumatic brain injury, back in 2005, and why I almost lost him completely. Most people do not know our story, but Matthew is a walking breathing miracle. He should not be with us and at best he should be wheelchair bound with very little capabilities of his own. At the time I could not understand why such horrific things continued to happen to our family even after his miraculous recovery.
    But I know now that God was just priming us for the position that He has put us in now at RRBC. We would not be near as effective as we are in our Sunday school class had we not undergone such hardships. It is easier to see now than it was then.....just hold on tight because God's best for you is yet to come and IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!! The hardships you are facing now are just growing pains to greatness:)