Natasha and Maxim

Natasha and Maxim
Natasha 16 yrs and Maxim 12 yrs

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Much Hope!

I am so thankful that I can have a little glimpse into their future and see such hope. It is sometimes hard when your smack dab in hard circumstances to see. I have been praying that God would help me to see how their life has been. I cannot comprehend it even still, and I am bringing them home in 1 day. I am so thankful to have people to remind me, when they do strange things, that they have lived in an orphanage most of their lives. It is hard to remember sometimes. They like going places but not for very long. They want to go back home pretty quick. You can tell that they have never gone places before. Can you imagine being locked up in one place and never leaving. It is hard for me. They had never seen a grocery store, never rode in a car, naver done so many things we take for granted, or at least not that they can remember.

I am so thankful for our day today. It has been good. We have seen lots of smiles. That is always nice. We have not always had this. My new wonderful friend Lisa and her new son Alex(Sasha) are going home tomorrow, a day before us. I know we will be fine. The Lord has been right with me to comfort me through this journey here alone. He has sent me Lisa, which I have made a lifelong bond with. And He has definitly been ever so present with me, helping me every step of the way. Maxim and Alex have been so sweet today. They are planning there future. How precious is that. They said that when they got 18 they would go to college together. What an awesome thing that they would, more than likely, never got to experience. They have traded t-shirts and I am afraid it may not ever come off of him. You can tell that friends mean alot to them. That is really all they have ever had. I know that Brady will have a big impact in his life. Just the short time he was here they were already like brothers. I know that we all have a big roll to fill in each of there lives and only through God can we do this. We will be on our knees daily!

So glad to say we will be back in America on Friday at 4:00. My heart was so warmed to hear of the people who wanted to come to the airport to welcome them home. I just can't describe it. We have the best friends and church family that anyone could ever ask for. Thank you all for making a difference in these childrens life. I know they will always remember and feel so very special to see how many people care so much about them. You are sent by God! I love you all!

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